Amazon Link Checker: Stop losing money to broken affiliate links

Scan your website for problematic Amazon affiliate links and fix expensive issues like broken links, outdated or out-of-stock products — for free.

Here's how it works.

Scan your website for affiliate links


Our site scanner checks every single Amazon link on your website for common problems that lead to lost sales.

Replace problematic affiliate links


You use our easy-to-understand report to replace those Amazon affiliate links on specific pages on your website.

Earn more money from existing content


Your Amazon earnings increase by sending readers to better, up-to-date, and in-stock products — with minimal effort from you!

What can you learn from Affilimate's Amazon Link Checker.

It's been estimated that over $160 million dollars are lost EVERY MONTH to broken affiliate links. Here's how to avoid being part of that statistic.

Find broken or out-of-stock Amazon affiliate links

Find links to broken or out-of-stock Amazon products that are costing you money on your site. Replace those links with in-stock products on all your pages in a few minutes.

Find other product statuses like limited stock, outdated, and only-in-marketplace to proactively update your Amazon links.

Add your affiliate tracking ID to links where its missing

Add tracking IDs to Amazon links already on your site where you or a team member may have forgotten to update them.

Quickly see if your tracking IDs are unique on your articles or are accidentally using generic and non-descriptive IDs.

Find links to products not being dispatched by Amazon

See which products Amazon is not currently fulilling so you can update them to Prime links that are more likely to convert.


How does Affilimate's Amazon Link Checker work?

Affilimate's Amazon Link Checker uses your sitemap to efficiently crawl your site. We respect the speed of your server to make sure it isn't overwhelmed by our checks.

After collecting the links, we check those products on Amazon for their price and product availability.

Once our checks are done, we'll email you a unique link to the Amazon Link Report for your domain.

What limits are there on the number of sites or frequency of checks?

You can scan any website once per month for free.

If you want to continuously monitor your Amazon affiliate links, we recommend you check out Affilimate for a comprehensive toolkit for tracking, optimizing, and monitoring your affiliate links and content.

Affilimate's Full Amazon Affiliate Link Checker runs automatically on a regular basis and notifies you of newly broken links. It also helps you prioritize which links to fix by combining link check data with historical clicks.

Does Affilimate's Amazon Link Checker register clicks on my Amazon links in the Associates Portal?

We use the official API to check the availability of these products, and only use your links to find the product ID we need to check from Amazon.

That means we never "visit" your links or cause clicks that would appear in your Associates Portal or affect your recorded conversion rate.

Is your Amazon Link Checker compatible with Genius Links, One Link, and Thirsty Affiliates?

Yep! We also handle all standard link cloakers. Unless there's something funky going on, chances are, our Amazon Link Checker works with it.

Which Amazon country stores are supported?

Our free tool is designed to check Amazon affiliate links on the US, UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia Amazon store.

Can I share this report with my team member?

For sure. The unique report URL we email you is openly sharable.